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Bands I've Seen

I'm making a playlist consisting of music by bands/artists I've seen live, so I wrote out a list of them. I figured I might as well put it here:Collapse )
Holy shit. I'm going to be an extra in The Dark Knight Rises on August 6. I get to be in a fucking Batman movie. It's a stadium scene, to be shot at Heinz Field with thousands of other extras, so I don't really have much hope of being able to spot myself in the finished product, but I don't care because I get to be in a fucking Batman movie!
So, I was totally eavesdropping at work (I am my mother's daughter, after all), and I heard my manager talking to a fellow coworker about me, and she said that at my skill level, I could easily be making $13 to $15 an hour decorating. Which just motivates me even more to get out of there because I know what a cheap bastard my boss is and it will be a cold day in Hell before I would ever make even $10 an hour there. My boss is not a man who believes in rewarding loyalty.

Blah, what the fuck ever. The Bruins are the new Stanley Cup Champions!

May. 10th, 2011

Kenny Geidel, aka Kenny the cotton candy man, passed away this morning. This guy was at every Penguins home game I've ever been to. Everytime we'd hear his call of "cotton candy here!" our heads would whip around trying to spot him before he disappeared, because he moved so fast. It never failed to put a smile on my face, hearing that guy.

He walked right by our seats during game 7 against Tampa Bay, and Kat and I debated if we should buy some or not. Now I'm sad we didn't. It's just weird to think that we got to see him at the last Pens game he ever worked.

RIP Kenny. Pittsburgh's gonna miss you, buddy.
In just a few hours I will be leaving with my mom and my sister to see my Pens take on the Tampa Bay Lightning in Game 7.

I don't think this is actually going to sink in until we get there.

Win or lose, those are my fucking boys and I love them so much. LET'S GO PENS!

Apr. 24th, 2011

Holy shit yes, the Blackhawks tied up the series! C'mon guys, you can do it!


I went down to the Trib Tron on Friday with dreamaria and rainbow_sin. Like the Dupuis jersey was a sign of good things on Wednesday, I should have known what happened at work before we went down to Pittsburgh was a sign of how the game would end up.

A few weeks ago I had to make a full sheet cake for some company celebrating their new contract/account/whatever in Maryland. The lady who ordered it requested an outline of the United States with Maryland highlighted in a different color. I did such an awesome job she called back on Wednesday wanting pretty much the same exact thing for Friday, but with Arizona highlighted and a flag stuck in where Phoenix should be. No problem. I made the cake and put it on the rack to wait for pick-up. About thirty minutes later, I see Coworker A lift the cake and go to see if she needs help. A full sheet is already pretty heavy and with buttercream icing on top of that, it can be hard to carry in our limited workspace. She was already a little wobbly, so it didn't help at all when the lady kept moving her cart around. Coworker A went to set the cake on top of the cart, the lady shifted it a little, the lid popped off the top of the box, and BOOM. Face down, happy birthday to the ground.

Making the same cake twice sucks.

Overall, I enjoyed the atmosphere at the big screen, even if the outcome wasn't what I hoped for. Freak Show Mikey and Big Bob were there and they do a pretty good job keeping the crowd pumped up. I saw Mikey's daughter, Addison, on her way to the game and told her to have a good time. Max Talbot is my freaking hero for giving that little girl tickets.

Kat entered her "Super Duper" sign in the sign contest, but she didn't win. Pretty lame, considering it's super awesome and the one that did win was just a printout stolen off the internet.

It was a great crowd. They had a huge turnout; people were flooding the sidewalks and even watching from the sidewalk across the street. My only issue was with the guys sitting next to me. "Fleury needs to stay in his net." "Where's Crosby? I thought he came back a while ago." "Hey, did you guys watch the new Survivor?" Grrr. The next person that says that about Flower gets shanked with a goalie stick.

After the game, we had our usual stop at Denny's, the went to Giant Eagle to see if the had the pop cans with Pens players on them, They had all six, so Carly and I each bought three and mixed and matched in the car.

I hope I get to go again soon. It's always a great time being around so many fans.


I think the playoff legs are making an appearance. I don't have a boyfriend, most of my shorts are so long you can't really tell how gross my legs are, and I don't wear girly clothes unless I'm going to a wedding, so why not?

God, I am so super excited for the epic playoff beards.

I saw a lady in a Winter Classic Dupuis jersey at work before the game and I knew it was a sign of the awesome to come. I feel kinda bad about Marty's teeth, but... that's hockey, so LET'S GO PENS!

We might be heading down to the big screen tomorrow, but I'm not sure yet. I still need to talk to dreamaria about it. It doesn't even bother me that the arena is right there and I'm stuck outside - the crowd is always amazing, even when we get drenched with rain. This is the highlight of my year and I hope it lasts to the middle of June. And after their performance yesterday, I think it will.

Apr. 3rd, 2011

I think I used up all of my adultness for the month. I got my taxes ready, filled out the address change form for my Walmart card, and set out my checkbook so I can finally set up direct deposit for my paychecks. Look at me, doin' stuff! And I'm actually doing the responsible thing and using at least half of my refund to pay off debt. Go me!

In the cake world, I am now back to being our only decorator. Sucks because now I have to do everything by myself and I have to work way more hours, but it's also kinda awesome for the same reasons. I don't have to worry about coming in to see ugly cakes in my case or hearing complaints about how our other decorator screwed up a customer's cake and I get more money!

It's almost playoff time, bitches. Let's go Pens!
I'll have my new Dell by Wednesday. Hooray!!!